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Tips for a safer Halloween

Tips to ensure your Halloween night doesn't haunt you.

1. Light it up!

Be sure to turn on your outdoor lights so trick-or-treaters can easily see the path to your stash of candy. Lit candles may add ambiance but they are a fire hazard per The National Fire Protection Association. We suggest using battery operated tea lights to line your walkway or front porch.

2. Keep your pets safe.

Pets tend to get stressed or excited when the doorbell rings, so it’s best to keep your pets in a secure location in your home. Hunting for an escaped pet on Halloween is beyond scary.

3. Review your homeowners coverage.

When you open your home to visitors, you are exposed to liability. Call Foley & Palenscar to confirm your home insurance is adequate.

4. Clear a path.

Children will be excited to go from one house to another so you want to clean up any yard toys and eliminate trip hazards. Check to make sure you don’t have any loose railings on your porch.