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Tropical Storm Henri

Please contact us if you experience damage due to Tropical Storm Henri.  

Norwood office: 781-762-2715

Dedham office: 781-326-3034

Email: admin [at] foleyins [dot] com

Here is some helpful info about trees or limbs damaging property:

- Your policy will pay to repair damage to a structure such as a house, garage, shed or fence.  The policy will also likely pay for removal of that part of the tree which lies on top of the house, garage, shed or fence but not the entire tree.  

- If the tree or limb falls from a neighboring property, your neighbor's policy will not pay unless it can be proven the neighbor was negligent.  In other words, unless you have documented a tree was in poor condition and needed pruning or removal prior to the damage occurring, the neighbor's policy will not pay for the damage.  

- In most cases coverage is provided only if a fallen tree or limbs damage a structure.  A tree that falls on your lawn or plantings is typically not covered.

- It is your responsibility (as the insured) to prevent future damage.  If a tree falls on your house and punctures the roof, it is your responsibility to have the tree removed and the roof covered as soon as possible to prevent rain from causing further water damage.  In this case, the company will reimburse for these expenses.

- Keep keep in mind your policy may include a special wind, named storm or hurricane deductible that is higher than the all other perils deductible.  

- It is critically important to document (take pictures) all damage prior to any repairs or cleanup, retain any damaged materials until they are seen by the adjuster and obtain receipts for all repairs.

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