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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance


"Thank you very much again for all your help and being so wonderful with the quick turnaround, it is greatly appreciated!" [Cathy J., Plymouth MA, new auto client, 2013]


"I can't tell you how much I appreciate the very fast and efficient response.  No wonder Mark uses you." [Frank C., Weston MA, closing attorney for a new home client, 2012]


"Many thanks for your help, this is going entirely too well!" [Ray T., Boston MA, auto, home, dwelling fire client 2012]


 "Steve & Kit (Kathy), thanks for the highly personalized service on my new vehicle.  You have raised the bar to new heights!" [Edward R., Dedham MA, auto, home, umbrella client 2012.]


"We thank you sincerely for your counsel during our ordeal.  Steve, you alleviated many of our fears.  We appreciate you being so thoughtful.  Your were an honest help to us.  Thank you again!" [Molly M., Franklin MA, auto client, 2012.  Steve assisted client with the completion of accident forms and consulted on how to best handle the claim going forward.]


"Awesome. I picked up the car this morning and everything was smooth.  You were so helpful. Much appreciated." [Matt P., Westwood MA, home, umbrella and auto insurance client, 2011.  Steve coordinated a plate transfer with the client, dealer and RMV runner and hand-delivered the new registration with related documents to the client.]


"Hey Steve,we really appreciate the help with this. Thanks again." [Kevin F., Waltham MA, auto, home and flood insurance client, 2011.  Steve assisted in attempting to resolve a rental car billing dispute on behalf of the client.]


"Steve, this is well done and impressive.  I appreciate the support." [Ryan J., Wellesley MA, auto and home insurance client, 2011.  Steve had prepared a complimentary, comprehensive business insurance review for one of Ryan's clients.]


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