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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Is that covered?

It is helpful to review your insurance policies each year to make sure you have the coverage you need.  Here are a few items that are not automatically covered by a homeowners policy.  Some of these coverages may be added by endorsement or by purchasing a separate policy.

  • Flood (call us for the technical definition; need a separate policy)
  • Water Backup (can be added by endorsement)
  • Earthquake (can be added by endorsement)
  • Insects (termites) and vermin (skunks, raccoons)
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Vacant properties (requires different policy)
  • Oil spill (can be added by endorsement but you need to submit a compliance form)
  • Items in the following categories UNLESS you have scheduled them (submitted an appraisal and/or receipt): jewelry (e.g. engagement ring), furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, sporting equipment (e.g. golf clubs, bicycle), fine arts, stamps, coins and other items of particular value (sports memorabilia, antiques, etc.).  Note: There may be limited coverage but full coverage requires an appraisal and/or receipt.


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